When you’ve had a stressful week, there’s always Zeus the Stubborn Husky to make you laugh again with his hilarious whining. This Siberian Husky knows how to draw out the drama! This time it’s over a braided bone Zeus received as a Christmas present.

Zeus The Stubborn Husky

You might be familiar with Zeus. He’s graced the internet with his high pitched howling and resistant whining to just about everything in life. His owner, Lindsay Fleischman carries on wonderfully humorous conversations with the Husky, with her other quiet dog, Kaden, usually in the background.

Zeus really wants to go outside and bury his new bone

In this video, Zeus is shown with a colorful Santa Claus scarf tied around his neck. He has his nicely braided bone his grandmother gave him for Christmas in his mouth. Zeus really wants to go outside and bury his new bone. Since it is winter, his owner doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Lindsay asks Zeus if that’s another treat he wants to take outside and bury. Of course, Zeus starts howling away and heading toward the door. His owner then tells him the bone will get muddy and so will he, and Zeus stares at her and whines some more. Lindsay then says she’ll take his new present from him if he doesn’t lay down. When Lindsay goes in to grab the bone, Zeus defiantly howls and guards his bone. Too funny!

Zeus Concedes

Lindsay is usually negotiating with the stubborn husky

Surprisingly, Zeus does listen to his owner and eventually lays down on his bed with his bone. Lindsay is usually negotiating with the stubborn husky for a lot longer than this time. Then Lindsay humorously tries to retake the bone, and Zeus lets out a high pitched howl in protest. Check out the cute video below:

I get so much enjoyment out of Zeus! I hope Lindsay continues to document her daily struggles with the stubborn husky. They are obviously very close. I can’t wait to see what Zeus gets up to next.

Credits: Zeus The Stubborn Husky YouTube

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Stubborn Husky Wants To Bury New Toy Outside