Does your dog have his own bed? Do dogs even have to have beds of their own?

Having a good night’s sleep can be achieved with a good and comfy bed. This is true for humans, and dogs are not far from that.

There are different types of dog beds to choose from such as the following:

  1. Orthopedic beds
  2. Heated beds
  3. Cooling beds
  4. Luxury beds
  5. Pillow beds

These are just a few examples. A bed that provides comfort, good support, warmth, and a safe feeling for your dog is a bed of good quality. As a pet owner, you should consider good quality beds for your dog’s good sleep. This may not be at the top of your list but it is important to your dog’s overall health so you should choose carefully.

A Few Facts About Dog Beds

Whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall, good quality beds provide insulation for your dog.

Your dog can just relax and curl up in his bed. This gives him a sense of personal space.

  • Orthopedic type of dog beds can provide support and comfort to older dogs who are experiencing bone or joint health problems. These type beds are specifically designed to relieve older dogs from the pains or discomfort of joints that have become swollen or sore, ageing bones and even weight related joint issues.
  • Dog beds also help in providing one area for their shedding thus making it easier for clean-up. Most of the beds are also reversible so that you don’t need to wash often since it adds another layer for your dog to lie in. This aids with allergy relief as well since the shedding and dander are in one area.
  • Depending on the age or breed of your dog, some are more highly active than others. A good bed will help in avoiding injuries that are related to furniture like your couch. Dogs love to jump from couches especially when no one is around. But if they have their own space, they are likely to be staying away from trouble.
  • A warm bed on the other hand is recommended for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors. There are beds that can eliminate fungus and molds and other hazards that your dog can pick up while outdoors.

Getting The Right Size Dog Bed

Just like humans, different dogs sleep differently. They also have their own favorite positions when sleeping. You have to consider this when buying a bed for your dog. You have to measure them when they are at their favorite sleeping position and then add 5 inches to that measurement. You can also measure your dog starting from the base of his neck and ending at the base his tail and then add 5 inches. Make sure you do this measurement to be certain that when you order or purchase, it will be the right size of bed for your dog.

Remember, a good bed gives a good sleep so you should give it some thought when buying a bed for your pooch. This will be his favorite personal space so pick the one that is best suited for him. Low quality beds will tear or break easily so consider buying quality beds as an investment  to your dog’s health.

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