Just like children, puppies love playing games with their fur parents and peers. The moment they sense that something fun’s about to happen, they can’t wait to start the activity.

However, puppies don’t possess infinite energy levels to keep playing with their peers. They need to rest for them to replenish the energy they spent. But, as stubborn as they are, a pair of adorable puppies choose to continue their tug-of-war game even if it’s obvious they’re already tired.

Worn-Out Puppies Play

In this short yet comical video clip, an adorable puppy pair lie on the floor. By the looks of it the two dogs prepare to take a snooze after playing some games together.

Worn-Out Puppies Play

However, it seems the two pups aren’t dog-tired yet as they choose to tug on a piece of cloth they found on the floor. Even if one of the puppies had already slumped on the wooden floor, it continues to snag on the fabric to prevent its peer from successfully yanking it.

As the video continues playing the two pooches carry on with their game, but since they’re tired all the two pooches could do is use some weight and some pulling to prevent the other from getting the cloth.

Sorry, It’s All Mine Now.

As the game progresses it’s clear to see who leads it. Though the spotted pooch takes advantage of its weight, the smaller pup refuses to give up as it continues yanking on the cloth.

Idlest Tug-Of-War Game Ever

Despite the clear disadvantage it’s in, the spotted pooch refuses to let go. Even as the smaller pooch successfully drags the cloth away, its more massive peer tags along wherever it plans to go.

Who do you think won the game? Watch until the last second of the video to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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laziest game of tug of war between tired puppies