A few days ago, Claire Cummings was driving to her friend’s house. Suddenly, she spotted a stuffed pig toy on the side of the road. Claire thought that this was unusual. So, while she was driving, she peeked in the rear view mirror of her car to check what happened.

What She Saw

That was when she saw a dog leaning over the wall. The pup was desperately trying to pick his toy up. For some reason, the poor pooch dropped his stuffed toy over the fence. No one could tell how long he had been waiting there and hoping to get some help.

Claire said that it would have been so easy for the dog to jump over the wall. However, the good boy was obviously trained well enough not to do that. So, instead, he tried his best to get the stuffed pig back on his own until someone does it for him.

Dog Lover Helps a Dog

Claire, who has a dog walking company together with her partner, has a soft spot for animals. Upon realizing what was going on, Claire immediately turned her car around and pulled over. She approached the confused dog and helped him get his stuffed pig back.

Claire said that they are huge animal lovers. They would have hated the thought that the pup was sitting there and waiting without anybody helping him. Because of that, they did not mind spending a few minutes to help the dog.

The dog was so happy as soon as he got his stuffed pig back in his possession. He gladly accepted some pats and attention as his way of saying thanks. The pup also watched while his new friend got back to the car and drove away. Then, he got back inside. On the other hand, Claire was thrilled to have helped make the dog’s day better.

Credit: Claire Cummings

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Woman Pulls Over To Help Dog Pick His Stuffed Pig Up From The Sidewalk