Olivia Knight has long planned to travel to the beautiful country of India. She has everything set, so she booked a flight to be on her journey. But something happened, and it wasn’t on her itinerary.

While she was exploring the city of Delhi, Olivia saw a tiny black thing hiding inside a box in the middle of the road. She looked closer to see what it was. And she was astonished to realize that it was a young puppy, barely a month old.

stray sick pup in india

“The puppy was close to death,” said Olivia. “He was literally looking for help.”

The Shelter Was Full

Olivia scooped the puppy up and ran to the nearest shelter, where she thought she’d find help. But the local shelter was already full, so they could no longer take the poor puppy in.

Olivia didn’t know what to do. She only brought enough money for herself, and it’ll cost much caring for a puppy while on a trip. Most public transportation does not allow animals on board, and most hostels prohibit pets inside. Still, she decided to do it.

Dog Ready To Be With His New Forever Family

The pup, later on, named Eddie, was taken to a vet for an examination. He had mange and needed medicated baths and antibiotics to help him heal. Olivia took care of Eddie, and she tagged him along on her trip. Gradually, his fur started growing back until his thick black coat entirely covered his body.

Forever Family

Olivia and Eddie shared a special bond. But Olivia had to go back to Australia. So she found an animal sanctuary, where Eddie could stay, while she searches for a forever home for him.

Eddie at animal sanctuary in Australia

Four months later Eddie found an adopter. A family living in Canada fell in love with this handsome boy, and he’s flying from Delhi to Ontario on November 6th!

Eddie didn’t have a good start in life, but destiny brought him and Olivia together so he’d be ready for his life with his forever family that he deserves.

Credits to Olivia Knight

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Dog Ready For Forever Home After Tourist Finds Him & Nurses Him To Health.