Dogs bark for a wide variety of reasons from a friendly greeting to a warning that their territory is being encroached upon. All barks have meaning and determining why your dog is barking can go a long way to developing a healthy relationship with your pooch.  How well do you know your dog’s barks? Take the quiz at the end of this post.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

1. Territorial Barking

Territorial Barking

Territorial barking is also known as alert barking and gives a warning that the dog is protecting his territory. This can either be outside at the gate or fence, or through the window as someone approaches your home.

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2. Attention-Seeking Barking

Attention-Seeking Barking

Just like children (and some adults) dogs love to be the center of attention and will bark to get it.  Once they receive this attention, they will continue to bark in the future to get the attention they crave.

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3. Greeting Barking

Greeting Barking

Greeting barking is very common and I’m sure we’ve all entered a house to be jumped on, sniffed at, and barked at for attention as the dog is over-excited to see you.

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4. Socially Facilitated Barking

You know this situation: one dog barks and soon after another (or all) the neighborhood dogs begin to bark. This is like when one fan in the stands at a college game starts to clap and soon the whole section joins in. This behavior is not seen exclusively through barking, but other behaviors as well.

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5. Frustration-Induced Barking

why do dogs bark? Frustration-Induced Barking

Frustration barking means that your dog is expecting something from you. It often arises when the dog has been rewarded for this behavior in the past and they’re frustrated they are not getting what they are expecting.

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6. Separation Anxiety Barking

separation anxiety barking

If your pooch scratches at the door when you’re away, trying to get to you, chews up the house when you’re gone, or has ‘accidents’ in the house when they are potty-trained, then your dog likely suffers from separation anxiety.

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Do You Know Your Barks?

Learning the difference between your pooch’s barks can help you to put them at ease and correct that incessant barking.  Take this dog bark quiz and see how well you do.

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Why do dogs bark - 6 Reasons why