We have all witnessed different bonds among dogs and other animals, but this one will surely get your attention: an unusual dog and duck relationship, you won’t see every day.

Here’s an odd golden retriever named, The Dude, who took care of three ducklings. The Dude was so curious about them that he eventually became their duck mom.

The three ducklings, Marge, Dot and, France, took The Dude as their Mom and eventually became a family. They love staying and climbing on The Dude’s body that it became their comfort place.

Odd as it is, but The Dude helped them out with their first swimming lesson. He became their resting place when they are tired after paddling. He is their little island in their kiddie pool.

Dog and Ducks Play Together

The Dude also learned how to share. Their differences didn’t matter at all as they became one like family.

The only thing that they could not do was play “fetch.” The three ducks didn’t have the bodily features to carry a ball in their mouth that kind of made The Dude frustrated. Even though they aren’t capable of carrying the ball, they still try their best.

The ducks love being around The Dude. They follow him around wherever he goes. They would be hiding so close behind him that you won’t even see them as if they’re invisible.

They would often fight like siblings as normal dogs do. However, at each day’s end, they’d make up with each other, and it makes their relationship with each other tighter and stronger.


Original Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

This duck-dog relationship can strike the heart of anyone who gets to know about it. A bond of love and unity that we’ll never get tired of. An unusual connection that we will eventually adore.

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Watch This Golden Retriever Take Care of 3 Ducklings