In India, it is getting more common to see stray animals. A dog, now named Mabel was one of them. The pup was seen in such a terrible state, and she looked extremely homeless; her skin felt like stone.

Volunteers Rescue A Dog From The Streets

Luckily, India’s Animal Aid Unlimited, a team dedicated to giving animals renewed lives came to help her. They carried Mabel with them and gave her the medication that she needed.

Volunteers Rescue A Dog From The Streets

Her treatment included giving her enough rests, and hydration to bring back the glow of her skin. She gradually showed significant improvement in her health, and in no time she appeared utterly different from when the rescuers first saw her.

She’s gotten a lot stronger.

Staying with the team, she showed to be shy from the start, but as time passed by, she began to interact more with other doggies. She gained tons of friends. She plays around all day long and runs like she’s never enjoyed something like it before.

Dog’s Life Completely Transformed

Her development is fantastic! Now she lives her life with all smiles. And it amazes us to witness Mabel’s transformation that was possible because some people initiated to take the neglected dog.

Mabel feels thankful for the affection that strangers gave her. She loves to smother them with kisses and these kind individuals deserve the sweet effort!

Source at The Dodo via Youtube

If not for Animal Aid Unlimited, she would have died on the streets. Now, she has gotten what every stray animal dreams, and that is to have a home where one could feel well-taken care of.

The volunteers seek to save more pups who are struggling alone on the streets, and they need your support.

Watch the complete story and share it with your friends so they too can start their initiatives to help all the poor animals out there!

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Volunteers Rescue A Dog From The Streets