Every day, more dogs are getting deserted by pet owners for various reasons, but most of their inability to continue sustaining them or of plain cruelty. Thankfully, there are volunteers who tirelessly work to rescue these poor pooches from the streets and who accompany them to searching for their forever families! And here is one story about how they turned a pup’s life upside down.

Underweight Hound Found Roaming

Berwick Animals Rescue Kennels (BARK) team was roaming the streets when they spotted something that immediately caught their attention. It was a dog so thin it almost looked like a walking skeleton.

Tiggy's Life Turned Around By Volunteers

At first sight the team knew helping her would be hard. They feared that even with a quick medical response, she still wouldn’t make it. However, the volunteers chose to risk it rather than to leave her to die alone.

They picked her up, rushed her to a vet then put her into a foster home where she was tended to day and night. Miraculously, with everyone’s efforts his health significantly improved over the next days.

Tiggy Has A Fan Club

What’s more impressive was that aside from her responding positively to the treatment, the rescue’s supervisor shared that her personality also had begun to emerge. She had a sweet and loving character that no one could resist!

Wanting to share the good news to all, they posted her story on social media, and unexpectedly it received a downpour of support from people around the globe.

Many began to send Tiggy sweaters, ties, and toys – we guess she now has more outfits than we do!

But the most rejoicing news is that after having gone all through that life and death situation, a family had finally reached out to adopt her! And she’s set to join them shortly after her full recovery.

Many began to send Tiggy sweaters

All of these things started from BARK’s brave choice to help a dog anyone could have easily given up on. Because of them, Tiggy knew and experienced a life of love and happiness, far from what she had in the streets.

Source at Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels via Facebook

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Underweight Hound