If you have been a dog owner for a long time now, you are probably familiar with what happens when you leave your pooch alone in the house. If you have not come to a messy home at least once, then you’re one lucky owner. Meanwhile, not everyone is as lucky as you.

Well-behaved Family Dogs?

This dog dad hailing from Denver, Colorado, is among the hundreds and thousands of unfortunate pet parents who have walked into a house turned upside down. Twenty-seven-year-old Peter Smith lives with his two precious fur babies, Ody and Eos. Ody is already three years old, and Eos is one.

The two lovely pooches are generally obedient and loving. But just like any other normal dogs, they, too, are occasionally naughty. And their recent stunt surely left their dad in awe.

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Peter usually leaves the dog brothers alone in the house. Although there are hiccups and little messes here and there, Ody and Eos had not made a considerably massive wreck to the home, up until now. When Peter came home that fateful day, he was shocked at how messy his kitchen, living room, and bedroom were.

Two Dogs Messed Their Home With Flour

Everything was covered in white powdery stuff, from his couch down to the carpet. As it turns out, it was the bag of flour sitting on the lower shelf in his kitchen.

When he went to confront the suspects, the two dogs just looked at him as if saying, “What are you talking, dad?” Ody and Eos were obviously playing dumb, although both of them are already covered in flour. Peter was so amused with their faces that he couldn’t stop giggling.

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And while the cleaning up did take three whole, dreadful hours, Peter sure had some good laughs. He knew that although these pooches were certified naughty boys, he wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Watch their innocent reactions in the video!

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Dogs' Reaction When Owner Catches Them Covered In Flour Is Hilarious