Many of us really love going to the salon to get our hair done. There is something so wonderful about going there and getting a new hairdo that just makes you feel like a brand new person. Every time we walk out of the salon, we feel great, expensive, and like we can conquer the world. This is the average experience for us humans, but for most dogs, a trip to the salon is quite the opposite.

Most dogs hate visiting the groomers. The sight of the pair of scissors can freak them out. But thankfully, not all dogs feel this way. Take this video that proves that some dogs actually love being at the groomers.

Tiny Dog Dancing

One little black Pomeranian was caught on camera playfully dancing while getting her hair cut. We are lucky that they filmed this so we viewers can get some entertainment.

The funny video starts with the little black pooch getting her hair trimmed while some groovy music plays in the background. The music has really got her in such a good mood that she even bobs her head around and sways back and forth to the beat of the music. It’s so adorable that even the groomer finds her so amusing as she plays along and provides us with a good laugh.

The Best Moves

Every time the groomer trims the little pooch’s hair, she gets more and more energetic as she continues to dance and shake her body like a pro. She even looks straight at the camera as if she is asking, “Hi everyone, do you like my moves?”

The video has been trending with lots of viewers commenting that the dog definitely has rhythm and how they wish their own pets would behave like the little pom when they are sent to the groomers.

Watch her dance moves in the video below.

Source: ViralHog via Youtube

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Dog has the best dance moves