Mahogany Lox is a DJ, a singer, a model, and a social media star. Despite being so popular on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube, there’s something else that makes her happy. More than her million followers on social media, Mahogany is a big fan of her dog Pockets.

Puppy Was The Size Of A Hamster

“I got him and started taking care of him when he was only 16 days old, he was so little,” said Mahogany. “He couldn’t latch on to his mom, so he needed to be bottle-fed.”

This Puppy Had The Size Of A Hamster When He Was Rescued

Pockets was so small when he was rescued that he fit in perfectly inside a sweatshirt’s pocket. Hence, Mahogany started calling his little rescue puppy as Pockets.

Mahogany, her boyfriend Carlos, and his brother Marco got Pockets from an animal rescue center. Pockets was incredibly young and tiny when they picked him up. And Mahogany admits it was nerve-racking to be taking care of something so sweet and so small.

“I feel like my motherly instincts just popped up,” she said. “I’d wake up through the night and make sure he’s alright.”


Mahogany sacrificed hours of sleep just to make sure that Pockets was fine. He is her baby, so she treats her like one. Thankfully, Pockets made it. And he’s now a happy, active pup.

Pockets Gains Strength

Pockets was still a bit fragile, though. But slowly, he became a lot stronger and healthier. His mom was overjoyed to see him use the stairs for the very first time, and it was also thrilling to see him explore their house.

Pockets and Mahogany love playing inside the house. They would chase one another, running from one room to another. They also love going on walks and runs around their neighborhoods.

Pockets the dog

One thing that makes Pockets extra special is that he has one mom and two dads. Mahogany, Carlos, and Marco work together in caring for Pockets. They love him, and he loves them just the same.

Credits to Mahogany Lox

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Pup was size of hamster when rescued