Great Danes are one of the sweetest and most patient dog breeds there are. With their massive physique, they can tower over most dog breeds and humans too. But although their huge body is something intruders should be afraid of, they become completely obedient, gentle pups when it comes to their loved ones.

A Shy Great Dane

That said, it is no surprise that this dog owner from Rio de Janeiro chose a Great Dane to come and live with her. Michelle Ogg has two lovely Great Danes at home. One of these pooches is Pipa.

Pipa is pretty shy for her breed. She usually steers clear of humans when they go out for a walk, but whenever she is at home, she can be as vibrant as ever. She never fails to make Michelle laugh with her crazy antics and misadventures with her dog sibling.

This Great Dane Subtly Looks At His Bag Of Treats To Let His Mom Know He Wants A Snack

Although she is generally a timid giant pooch, Pipa is considerably smart. Michelle trained her pups to do a trick first before they are given any treats. Often, the pooches would give their paw to Michelle and do the handshake.

Pipa Teaches Owner New Trick

Pipa, being the witty pup that she is, would willingly give Michelle her paw so that she could gobble up some treats. However, this time, Pipa had grown tired of the repetitive trick. So she just went over to the kitchen and stood directly in front of Michelle.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

When her mom asked her what she wanted, Pipa just looked back and forth at Michelle and the snack. It was as if subtly saying, “Come on, mom. Give me the snacks!” After a few more seconds of continuous subtle glances, Michelle finally gives in and hands Pipa her much wanted treats.

The look on the pup’s face was pure satisfaction. She couldn’t believe that her trick worked! Well, with a charming look like hers, who couldn’t resist giving her the snack? Watch her hilarious stunt.

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Pipa Subtly Gives Mom a Subtle Hint She Wants A Snack