In the age of social media, we have to admit that we had seen a handful of unique and bizarre talents on the internet. One guy can accurately mimic a wide array of animal noises with only the use of his mouth. One can multitask like crazy and get a strike in bowling, all while spinning a hula hoop nonstop.

Unique Dog Tricks

Sometimes, dogs join in on the fun too. However, this particular Golden Retriever’s talent is beyond anything you have ever seen on the internet. Meet the ever adorable Hubert, a fluffy pooch hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. Hubert’s ability is not entirely physical in a sense but is undoubtedly extraordinary, nonetheless.

dog on grass looking up

You see, Hubert can easily balance a stack of Pringles on top of his nose, all without breaking a sweat! He can sit or lie entirely still as his mom, Fie Mortensen, arranges a couple of treats on his nose or face. At three years old, the pup has already mastered the art of balancing that he can balance even the most peculiar of stuff.

Golden Retriever Can Balance Stuff

He practices with a wide range of items, from a can of Coke to a plush teddy bear. Fie shared that Hubert was mainly a good listener even when he was a pup. He would obediently follow any command from his mom, earning him a good boy award.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

During their training sessions, Hubert wouldn’t move even an inch without his mom telling him to do so. On top of that, Hubert is a naturally patient pup, making it easier for him to perform his act. Aside from his pudgy face and shiny yellow coat, he mostly entertains their visitors with his balancing skills.

He allows them to place treats on his face and watch him balance them with ease. Such talented pooch! Watch him in action.

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Golden Retriever Can Balance Stuff On His Nose