Dachshunds were originally bred to be rabbit and badger hunters. But today, they are now one of the sweetest and most affectionate dog breeds. With their small physique, this pooch can adapt to any size of house and family. Their small size also comes in handy, especially when traveling.

Cute Dachshunds

Their adorable size is the primary reason why so many people tend to adopt them. One of the hundreds and thousands of dachshund owners is 21-year-old Danielle Taylor. The first time she saw Roxy, she knew that she was the one for her.

When she brought the charming black dachshund home, she just fell more in love with her. Roxy was as gentle and sweet as a baby. But while she sure loves the pooch as she is, she couldn’t help but laugh at how adorably small she was.

Dachshund's Attempt To Climb Stairs

And her cute size became more evident when the duo decided to visit a friend in San Francisco, California. Everything was all fine and well when all of a sudden, Roxy decided to explore the other rooms in the house. Well, that meant that she needed to climb two steps to reach the elevated rooms.

Dachshund’s Attempt To Climb Stairs

Although this looked easy for any human being, this was no easy feat for a dachshund with short legs. Roxy tried her very best to make it to the first step, but her cute legs just couldn’t do it. All her attempts were just futile and ended up in disappointments.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

But Roxy, being the spirited pup that she is, never gave up. And then, after almost a minute of struggling, the adorable mutt finally reached the first step! Good job, Roxy!

Danielle mentioned that everyone in the room was pitying Roxy but couldn’t help but giggle at how adorably patient she was with the steps. Watch her hilarious attempts.

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Laugh at Roxy's Attempt To Climb Stairs!