When Charice Fca Cha first met Lucky, she knew that the dog was unique. While Cha already had an experience of taking care of other dogs, she was sure that Lucky is different from the rest.

Lucky is a Chihuahua mix and is now living with Cha in Thailand. The dog is currently taking the internet by storm because of his distinct face feature. The dog’s face is lovely and is winning the hearts of people who saw his photos.

Unusual Face Feature

Formerly a rescued dog, Lucky is now enjoying his life with his new owner. According to Cha, she adopted the pooch after she saw a Facebook post. The Facebook post said that the dog was up for adoption. Cha did not think twice because there was something in Lucky that she likes.

For Cha, while Lucky is different, she loves him the same way she loves her other dogs. The dog has a distinct eyebrow. More than the beautiful eyebrow, the dog possesses a pair of tantalizing eyes. These are the reasons why Cha took Lucky under her tutelage.

Cha said that it was love at first sight. She never took her eyes off Lucky, and she knew that from the first time she saw the dog, she would blend well with Lucky’s attitude. Good thing, she was not mistaken.

According to Cha, Lucky is a very energetic and sweet pooch. Whenever she comes home, the dog would run towards her direction and welcome her with kisses.

Social Media Star

Lucky became famous when Cha uploaded a photo of the dog. Cha showed the world how good-looking Lucky was. Amid the dog’s unusual face feature, Cha loves the dog as he is. She added that she never fails to let the dog feel her care.

Cha uses her Facebook account to update her followers about Lucky. She posts videos and photos of the dog whenever she finds anything good to be shared publicly about Lucky.

Credits to Charice Fca Cha.

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Dog Has An Unusual Face Feature