Childhood is one of the sweetest memories that we can look back on. This stage is when we spend our days playing without worrying about the world and all its intricacies. Happiness was the ultimate goal during that time, when we were not caged in the responsibilities and stress of the real world.

Boy And Dog Have Fun In The Rain

Today, our featured dog reminds us once again of the happy times we had in the past. The video below brings back a lot of nostalgic memories which we wish to experience once again. Watch the video below.

Source: Facebook via Viral Hog

In the video you will see the enjoyment of both the dog and the boy as they drench themselves in the rain. Children find it so liberating to run, jump and dance in the rain. It is one of the childhood experiences which will stay in their minds for a long time. Surprisingly, the dog also feels the same way.

Upon seeing the video, you will see how both of them savor their moment with the raindrops. Happiness is very obvious in their faces and it seems like the people watching them enjoy seeing them. This scenario is the exact definition of the phrase, “happiness is contagious.”

The giggles and the laughter of the boy and the dog creates a ripple effect on those who watch their little rain party.

Our thoughts

There are a lot of memories in our childhood which we want to experience all over again. The video featuring our little furry friend brought back what we want to feel and experience. Also, it reminds us of how the little things in the past bring us so much joy and happiness. All we have to do is to be appreciative of things and events that we get to experience every day no matter how small they are.

Source: Facebook via NTD Television

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Dog reminds us of our childhhood