The bond of a K9 handler with his four-legged partner is undoubtedly incomparable. And nothing could get more adorable than a police duo displaying their love for each other in the simplest of ways. That was what this woman witnessed as she strolled around a Texas airport just recently.

Cop Taking Selfies

Gina Anzaldua Stevenson was at the Dallas Love Field Airport, minding her own business when she came across a K9 handler taking a break with his adorable doggy partner. But instead of sharing a donut, the duo happened to be taking selfies!

The officer would hold up his phone and convince the pooch to look into the camera. Afterward, he would show the phone to the pup as if asking for his approval.

K9 and cop take selfies at an airport

K9 Selfies Go Viral

The moment was apparently too cute to pass up, so Gina took out her phone and captured the precious moment on pictures. She then decided to go on Facebook and upload the sweet snaps for the world to see. After all, they were really too adorable not to share.

Within days, the post went to become a hit, earning over 61,000 reactions, 49,000 shares, and 1,300 comments! People were obviously gushing over the bond of the police partners and looking forward to seeing the actual selfies.

Thankfully, the viral post made its way to the officer in question, who was more than happy to share the selfies to the internet. Andre Cloyd posted the cute selfies on Facebook as a reply to Gina, much to the delight of the fans following the viral photos.

Posted by Gina Anzaldua Stevenson on Saturday, February 15, 2020

Courtesy of Gina Anzaldua Stevenson

The selfies were indeed captured at the same time and date and featured his loyal partner, whose name turned out to be Zigi. Of course, his post went viral, too, garnering over 34,000 reactions and 1,400 shares. Look at this heartwarming snaps here.

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These Photos Of A Cop Taking Selfies With His K9 Partner Are Melting Hearts Everywhere