It is amazing when one is born into a world full of love and friendship. A friendship between a dog and an infant is one of the sweetest friendships that can ever develop. Such friendship has developed between Landon and Fenway.

Dog That Takes Care Of Infant

Fenway has been with the family since before Landon came. This one hundred eighty pound dog has been a joy to the family and has been a faithful family member. When his mother was pregnant, he knew something was up.

He would think that whatever is inside his mom’s tummy is his puppy, so that’s how the family explained to him. They explained that his puppy is coming, and he was very excited to meet him.

When Landon arrived, they have been the best of friends from day one. Their favorite time together is meal time. Whatever food Landon can’t finish, Fen would eat it for him. Isn’t that the cutest thing?

Best Friends

Fen has become a best friend and a second parent to Landon. He knows that it is his job to protect Landon and to watch over him ever time. Fen has been a spoiled dog. Now, it’s his turn to spoil Landon the same way.

This huge dog has put it upon himself to be Landon’s protective and guardian when they’re together. He always keeps an eye on Landon.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

Landon and Fenway are inseparable as they are not only best friends; they are brothers. Every minute they spend together is a minute both treasure and enjoy. As for their mom, Laura, she did not expect how big of an influence Fenway would have on their family when she adopted him when he was only eight weeks old.

Now, she is very grateful for having Fenway in their life to watch over Landon. Landon was provided the best brother.

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This huge dog takes care of infant brother