“Dogs are man’s best friend.” That much is true. They are perfect companions and protection. Some even think of them as a reflection of the owner. As a dog parent you don’t want your dog to look shabby. A groomed furball is what you want. Therefore, you need to work your magic to achieve that always fresh and good-looking appearance for your dog.

Groom Your Dog

Bathe Your Dog

There’s nothing better than that of a regularly cleaned and bathed dog. A recommended and chemical-free dog shampoo by your trusted vet is a good start. A balanced water temperature for rinsing is all it takes to remove all the dust and dirt on your dog’s fur. If the need arises, a good pet-safe conditioner to smooth and liven up its hair.

How To Groom Your Dog

To complete the routine, combing your dog’s hair will detangle strands. At the same time, this will also help keep the hair clean and soft throughout the day. Do this not only after bathing but every time you get the chance to do some nice combing.

Giving your dog a bath on a regular basis will not only keep it looking and smelling good and fresh, doing so also helps improve its mood and overall being. When you bathe your dog you are not only making it look good but also keeping it healthy.

Opt To Dress Up Your Dog

While this part may remain as an option, it is a good thing to dress up your dog once in a while. Some dog parents embraced this as part of their furball’s daily grooming routine. They spend money on hair and costumes to delight their dogs as well as spectators. You may find it a good thing for your dog, too. You can also opt to do this on a seasonal basis, like during Halloween or Christmas.

Just remember that dressing up your dog should make it look good and therefore, feel good. Dogs are basically very energetic and dressing it up may have an effect on how they can perform its daily activities. Therefore, choose items that will match the temperament and personality of your dog’s breed.

Leash Options

Leashes on the other hand, are not an option. You need it as soon as you bring home a dog for the first time. It is wise to choose a durable material, color, and design to fit your lifestyle. Also, make sure to have the perfect size and length depending on the type and class of your dog. Experts suggest that you should have a shorter length and smaller width during your young dog’s training while longer and wider one is best for older pooches.

Finally, it should never be a difficult task to groom your dog. Stay with the basics at first and continue to be artistic in your own way. Whatever it is that you plan to do or add to the daily routine of your dog, always put the comfort of your fur ball first. This will guarantee a happy and worry-free dog throughout its days.

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Groom Your Dog The Right Way