As an animal lover herself, Jean knows how to make a random dog on the street happy. She has owned a couple of dogs since she was a kid, but she has never met a dog as in love with her as Cheddar.

Next Door Neighbors

Cheddar is a Golden Retriever who lives with his parents in a house next to Jean’s. Shelley, Cheddar’s mom, took the dog for a walk one night when they bumped into Jean and her husband. Their small talk turned into two hours of funny conversations. And while at it, they all noticed how Cheddar was so fond of Jean.

Sweet Dog Insists On Seeing His Neighbor

The next day, Cheddar couldn’t contain her excitement and wanted to go outside right away. When their front door was finally opened, he immediately rushed over to Jean’s house to say hi. Jean was thrilled to see the dog but was also a little confused as to why the dog was so doting of her.

Sweet Dog & Kind Neighbor

It could be the treats Jean slipped at the dog last night, or the random pats for Cheddar, or the compliments she gives her, but whatever the reason was, the dog was clearly in love with the nice lady. Since then, the pup insists on going to Jean’s house every day!

“I like him, and obviously, he likes me a lot, too,” says Jean. She also sometimes wonders if Cheddar was a reincarnation of one of her dogs or a deceased loved one. “It’s unexplainable, but I go with it. He’s a fun dog,” she adds.

Whenever Shelley and her husband are out, they leave Cheddar in Jean’s care, and they happily babysit the pup. “Sometimes when we come over to get Cheddar, it takes time for him to leave their house, even for dinner. He loves the couple so much,” Shelley adds.

Video credit: Facebook Soulmates

Dogs do recognize kind and loving people and Cheddar is proof of this! We are sure that Jean and her husband are great people. Check out the video and watch the story behind this beautiful friendship!

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Sweet dog sees neighbour daily