Trevor Costelloe, along with his buddy, decided to explore a deserted water park in San Diego. They were able to document the experience through his cam phone. Below is a lengthy video of their experience. A day intended only for exploration of the said water park turned out to be serendipitous for them and for the strays that were coincidentally at the same place.

Fast forward to 2:15 in the video, that was the first sighting they have of the white dog, looking right back at them.


The teens went ahead and moved farther inside the property and did not pay much attention to the dog. A minute later while they were right beside the empty pool they caught sight of a blue pit bull that’s also looking right at them. The dog’s cropped ears and his distressed demeanor and sadly, perhaps its breed, made Trevor uneasy.

The dogs were somewhat hesitant, but they went ahead and approached the teens anyway. Both pooches wagged their tails signifying a friendly approach. Trevor’s friend was less cautious than he was and was very friendly with the dogs. They saw something in the water. And perhaps the dogs understood that the teens finally saw what they want to tell them about that the pit bull went on to take the lead. The pit bull ran into the pool and sure enough, curiosity got the better of the teens and they followed the pooches.

When they walked closer, they found out that another dog was there with the two strays, but this one was in the pool. The unfortunate creature is trying his best to keep afloat and was apparently getting tired. Trevor did not waste time and helped the dog get out of the pool.

The two other dogs immediately checked on their friend once it was out of the water. Later on, all three dogs looked back at the teens as if to thank them for their act of kindness.

It is hard to think what the fate of that dog would be, had these two boys decided on a different activity for that day. We’re sure that those pooches are all very grateful for their help.

Credit: Trevor Costelloe

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stray dogs save pooch from drowning