A rescue organization got a call about a dog who just gave birth to nine puppies. Two rescuers were sent to the site to save the dogs.

Stray Dog Gave Birth To Nine Puppies

Loreta and JoAnn went to the area to rescue the family. When they got there, the family informed them about the dogs. The mother dog was a stray.

She went to a couple’s house to find a safe place to give birth. The couple who owned the house was kind enough to make sure that she had a safe delivery.

The couple was a little concern after the dog gave birth as it kept moving her puppies because of the heat. She kept moving them underneath the house.

The place was unsanitary, and the dogs needed to get a better place to stay. The couple thought that it was best to call and ask for help.

The rescuers named the dog mother, Godiva. They separated Godiva from her puppies temporarily. They did not want her to accidentally hurt them during their car ride on the way to the hospital.

Mother and Pups Reunited

The family of ten were shortly reunited when they arrived at the animal clinic. Godiva was covered in motor oil and needed to get a good bath.

She needed to stay clean for her puppies. When she was all cleaned up, the two rescuers who saved Godiva and her puppies looked after them the entire day.

They also made sure that they help Godiva learn how to nurse nine puppies. Nursing all the puppies were challenging for a small mom like Godiva. Thankfully, she got the hang of it.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube

Five weeks later, all the puppies were grown up and ready for adoption. The family of ten was under the care of PAL Rescue until they find a home. It won’t be hard to find them a forever family as all nine puppies are too adorable to resist.

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Dog Births 9 Pups And Was Rescued From Underneath A House