Not all dogs can protect themselves from other dogs especially when it’s from a bigger, heavier and meaner dog. Sometimes your dog is just not made to fight so other dogs who tend to sense that fear or submissiveness take advantage of that.

You may have heard it in the news or stories from your friends about a dog getting attacked and gravely hurt by another dog. This can sometimes mean a life and death situation. It’s really a serious situation.

So what can you do? How can you prepare for that situation?

Here Are Some Recommendations To Stop Other Dogs From Attacking:

Bring a Noise horn

You can bring a noise making horn if this is something that is most available or accessible to you at the moment. This can throw off the attention of the potential attacker or even break off an attack and hope that it will be enough to scare him away.

Bring a cane or a plain stick

The length should be just right. Not too long or short. Around 30 inches is what you should go for but if you are comfortable carrying around a bigger stick then it’s your choice. You just don’t want one that will be hard for you carry around and use when you need it. A cane can be helpful when you can see the threat coming. It’s when you still have the time to brace yourself and face the attacking dog.

With this at hand, you can stand in between the potential attacker and your dog. Raise it in front of you like you’re challenging or threatening the attacking dog. You may also carry this in front of you visibly while walking so that it will send a message to other dogs that their presence is not welcome, especially when their intention is not good.

Bring a baton

There are collapsible batons that can you buy. You can carry it or attach it around your waist or belt. Make no mistake, these are made up of strong materials so it will be able to serve its purpose when it’s called upon. Think of what cops use; they’re that tough.

Bring a spray bottle

If your neighborhood has some potential attackers, you may want to carry a spray bottle mixture of vinegar and water. You can also purchase a stronger one like a pepper spray. When a dog goes around you and reaches your dog, this is something you can use to stop him. This will be useful especially if the attacker already bitten your dog and has latched on. Sometimes a stick will not be enough to make the attacking dog give up its latch.

Now you may ask, is it going to hurt? Yes, it will but it will be temporary and will go away after the tears wash it out. If your dog is bitten when it’s attacked, the experience and the mark will not go away as fast the pepper spray pain would.

Keep Your Senses

Remember that this situation will be very sudden and may shock you. Your dog is being attacked, what will you do? Do not scream or panic or be stunned just looking at your dog while being attacked. You have to get a grip of yourself.

Muster all your courage and give the attacking dog a reason to leave your dog.

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5 Recommendations to stop other dogs from attacking yours