Attacks from other dogs are a real concern for dog owners regardless of how long you have owned one. Not all dogs can protect themselves from other dogs — especially a bigger, heavier and meaner dog. While a small dog may act as if he can defend himself, he’s unlikely to win a fight with a more aggressive hound or any size. And honestly, I’ve seen some larger dogs run with their tails between their legs at the sight of a yapping littler pooch.

The evening news frequently features stories about dog attacks form other dogs as well as humans who don’t deserve to own them. Some attacks are severe enough to make you cry.

So what can you do? How can you prepare for that situation?

Our Top 4 Ways to Stop Other Dogs from Attacking Yours

The Blow Horn Method

Unlike cats, dogs are more likely to noticeably respond to loud noises. This is why a loud horn works well. This can interrupt a vicious dog’s intentions by disorienting him. It may not work 100% of the time (especially if the other dog is trained to attack to the sound of a loud horn), but it’s an easy tool to have on hand.

If you have a smart phone, there are several free noise apps available. The trick is having it handy at a moment’s notice. So if you decide to go this route instead of buying a physical horn (believe me, I get it, if you don’t want yet another item to add clutter to your arsenal), make sure you have the app open during your outings.

A Cane or Plain Stick

The objective here isn’t to hurt another dog. If you’re out on a hike, it may be simple enough to just grab a broken off tree branch. Some people use these like canes or walking sticks for navigating a rocky landscape, but if carrying merely for defense, around 30 inches should do.

With this at hand, you can stand in between the potential attacker and your dog. Raise it in front of you like you’re challenging or threatening the attacking dog. Show no signs of fear or backing down. As we all know, dogs smell fear and will use this to their advantage.

The Collapsible Baton

Collapsible batons serve the same purpose as a random stick or cane. You can carry it or attach it around your waist or belt. Make no mistake. Despite the handy size, these are made of sturdy materials that can put a hurting on an attacker. Think of what cops use; they’re that tough.

Right Between the Eyes with a Spray Bottle or Water Gun

Sometimes a stick will not be enough to stop a dog on the prowl. A spray bottle filled with a mixture of vinegar and water is a simple and effective way to keep other peoples’ nasty dogs at bay. You can also purchase a stronger one like a pepper spray, if you happen to know that a particular dirty dog is on your daily walks. I try to avoid something this potentially injurious where possible.

I find that a keeping the bottle or gun set to a strong stream is most jarring to a vicious canine. This will be useful especially if the attacker already bitten your dog and has latched on. 

As much as I don’t like hurting dogs, being helpless at the sight of an innocent dog being harmed by a more aggressive one keeps this in perspective. So if you decide to use pepper spray, yes, it will sting if sprayed in the face, but this pales in comparison to the agony your dog would endure, if it’s bitten. The spray washes out with the dog’s tears, this is nothing when you think of the pain and possible disease your dog would be exposed to by having the other dog sink his teeth into Pawcasso.

Keep Your Senses

Remember that dog attacks don’t usually come with much warning. Having some semblance of a plan in place will help you to fend off attackers. Do not scream or panic. You have to get a grip on yourself to keep everyone safe.

Muster all your courage and give the attacking dog a reason to leave your dog.

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Do you have a favorite strategy for fending off attacking dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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