Dog Profile

“Doggy Name”



Coonhound/border collie (mutt:)





Tell Us About Your Pooch

“My friends would describe me as”

Energetic, sweet, vocal about my needs, athletic, graceful, and so, so LOVING!!!

“The most influential person in my life has been…”

Erin, because her love surpasses any shortcomings we experience!

“Five things I couldn’t live without”

  • Stinky tennis balls
  • Long hikes
  • Ear scratches
  • Snow
  • Snuggles with my people

Favorite Hobby

A-ooooing at everyone I love!

Favorite Toy

Stinky tennis balls (preferably old and from the river)

Favorite Treat

Elk burger

Favorite Meal

Elk burger

Favorite Place to Travel

The mountains!

Bucket List

The Pacific Ocean

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