Most of us have already seen tear-jerking videos of soldiers being reunited with their families after months of being deployed overseas. But, seeing a soldier get excited about meeting a dog who helped him get through the process of deployment? It’s something you don’t always see every day.

Friends in Syria

Army Specialist Tyler Mosley was assigned in Syria when he met a dog named Daisy. The lovely pup was sitting next to her sibling, who sadly, already passed away. Tyler picked Daisy up, and ever since then, they became inseparable.

Soldier Gets Reunited With Puppy Who Helped Him Through Deployment

Aside from doing his part for his country, Tyler would always look forward to meeting Daisy after work. He made sure that the pup was warm and comfortable. He fed Daisy daily, and she instantly became the soldier’s best friend.

Going Home

Daisy also helped Tyler get through the ordeal by keeping him busy and in sound mind. So when Tyler was about to be sent back home, he started working on getting Daisy with him too.

The soldier coordinated with an international animal organization to prepare for Daisy’s travel to the US. The arrangement took months, but the pup was eventually cleared to go home with Tyler.

Tyler went to the airport to welcome Daisy. People caught videos of the heartwarming reunion between the two, and it instantly became viral.

Reunited With Puppy

In the clip below, the soldier can’t wait to be reunited with his puppy; he hurriedly opened Daisy’s crate. He struggled for a few minutes, but as soon as the pup came out, they immediately hugged each other. Daisy quickly recognized who Tyler was, so she kissed and licked her best bud while wagging her tail non-stop.

Video credit: Youtube T&T Creative Media

Now, Daisy is happily safe under Tyler’s care. She will no longer have to sleep in the streets or suffer in a dangerous environment. She gets to relax in a warm bed and get more love and attention from her new family!

Daisy shares her new home with Tyler’s wife and their cat. Learn more about Daisy and Tyler’s heartwarming story in the video above.

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Soldier Gets Reunited With Puppy