Dogs are generally adventurous creatures. They love exploring the wilderness and hate being locked up in cages. That said, most pooches locked behind cold doors and gates would get pretty creative just to have a few hours of freedom outside.

Smart Dog Escapes

But this dog owner from Brazil was left astounded when she found out to what extent her dog was willing to go through just for a quick adventure out in the neighborhood. Albertina Foga adores her small pooch, Pingo. But she just could not understand how Pingo was able to escape their massive front yard gate every single time.

She would just wake up to his whines coming from outside the house. When she opens the gate for him, he would either be covered in mud or smell like icky sewerage.

Smart Dog Escapes Their Huge Gate But He Didn't Know That Mom Was Watching

Albertina would always go out and check if the gates are closed. She would even inspect the gates to check for possible holes and cracks, but she found none. But even if she were positive that the gates were sealed tight, she would still walk out to Pingo outside, waiting to be let in.

Mysterious Escapes Discovered

She had long been baffled by Pingo’s mysterious escapades that she finally decided to set him up. She willingly let him out in the front yard and watched close by with a camera to see how he would escape. Boy was she surprised by what she saw.

O cachorro da minha sogra tem super poderes 😮😮 🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Kátia Patrícia Pêggo on Friday, 15 February 2019

Courtesy of Kátia PÃggo

Pingo expertly climbed up their gates to a small hole in the gate, small enough to fit a hand. The hole was between two to three feet off the ground, but it was such an easy feat for Pingo. When he finally reached the hole, he fit himself in and wiggled himself out.

All of this happened within a span of a minute. That was how skilled Pingo already was at escaping. Watch his impressive ninja skills here.

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Dog's Mysterious Escapes Discovered