It’s difficult enough to find adopters for fit dogs; we could only guess how much harder it is for those that have special needs. Fortunately, there are those people who volunteer to care for these poor pooches temporarily while they wait for their forever homes.

Paralyzed Pooch Rejected 6 Times

Here is Bandit, a beneficiary of the generosity of activists behind the Gwinett Jail Dogs Program. He is a paralyzed hound who fortunately encountered this organization whose project involves letting prisoners foster abandoned dogs.

prisoners foster abandoned dogs

For years, Bandit has stayed in jail as a therapy dog while waiting for the time when he gets to finally have himself a forever family. But given his condition that calls for extra attention, Bandit experienced lots of rejection for adoption.

However, his handlers never seemed to mind. They confessed that every time that happens, they were always thrilled to have their friend back.

As it turns out, Bandit was only being prepared for his perfect match!

Paralyzed Pooch Finds Home

A man named Daryl Rider and his wife reached out to the organization in early 2020 and asked to bring Bandit to their home. Daryl is also paralyzed, sharing that when he learned of Bandit, he knew he was the best person to care for him. So what’s there to wait?

He straightaway decided to have him as an addition to their household!

This news was taken emotionally by prisoners and the handlers who had been Bandit’s friends for six years. To them, Bandit was not only their buddy, but he was also an inspiration. He’s made them believe in hope in the darkest of times.

To lose him was heartbreaking. But nothing puts them in relief more than knowing he is finally going to receive the care and love he is worthy of!

Congrats Bandit! We hope you get to bond all you want with your new mom and dad! And to Gwinette, thank you for your enduring support to give Bandit his much deserved home!

Source at M&R TV via Youtube

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6 Years After Staying With Inmates, Paralyzed Pooch Finds Home