Every year, thousands of canines compete for the coveted Best in Show award at the international dog show, Crufts. But with dozens of competitors to beat, it can be quite the challenge to attain the prestigious trophy. So this adorable rescue pooch decided that the only way to shine in the show is to be his silliest self!

The Silliest Dog At Crufts

Kratu, the Carpathian-Mioritic mix, is unlike any other pup competing in the prestigious show. You see, instead of being all glam and obedient, the pooch rampaged his way through the agility course, earning lots of laughter and cheers from the crowd.

The moment Kratu entered the field, he was already running wild as a turkey. He began the routine by hiding inside the tunnels and ignoring all the obstacles scattered on the floor. Despite the commands by his handler, he was determined to finish the course in his own silly way.

The Silliest Dog At Crufts

He kept rampaging around for a good couple of seconds before ending his stint by grabbing the big stick off one of the obstacles and hilariously running away with it. While his routine surely didn’t impress the judges, he had won the hearts of the audience and the internet, as well.

When Crufts shared his agility course run in a tweet, it appeared to be that this isn’t the only time Kratu failed hilariously at the said course! In fact, he had been competing for the title for three years now and had consistently rocked it with his silliness.

People Are Still In Love

Courtesy of @Crufts

This year was Kratu’s last bid for the coveted award, as he would soon be retiring from competitions. Nonetheless, he will continue living a free-spirited life as an emotional support canine for his autistic owner, Tessa Eagle Swan. Hopefully, we’ll see more of his crazy shenanigans on his social media pages. Watch his hilarious agility course run at Crufts here.

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