One typical workday in March, every worker of the Humane Society International (HSI) India was busy with their tasks when a sickly homeless dog happened to pass by their office and it seemed to be a nice and safe place to be even for just a little while.

Homeless Dog Checking In At Shelter

So the ailing dog checked in, walked straight to the couch, curled up, and went to sleep. If not for the unpleasant smell, no one would have noticed that she was even there, in need of great help.

Sickly Homeless Dog Falls Sound Asleep After Checking In At The Shelter

HSI India Deputy Director Alokparna Sengupta said, “Her skin condition was serious; she had manger and her ears were bleeding.”

When they finally saw the dog, named Fairy later on, they dashed to give her something to eat and drink, but all the action and fuss scared her away. The shelter employees were upset that they weren’t able to give her relief. The following day, Fairy came back, and the workers were prepared this time.

The door was secured the moment Fairy was spotted curled up on the couch. They brought her some food and clean drinking water. Afterwards, Fairy was taken to the vet.

She had an incredibly severe case of mange that only a tiny tuft of fur was left on her neck. Despite the tremendous pain, Fairy knew that she needed help and recognized that the people around were the ones who could help her, so she just let them do what needed to be done.

incredibly severe case of mange

Other than her horrendous skin condition, Fairy was otherwise generally healthy.

Fairy Finds Health & Forever Home

Now-healthy dog finds forever home

Photo Credits to Humane Society International (HSI) India

It took 6 long months for Fairy’s full recovery but only three months for a family to come forward and express their intentions of adopting her. Fairy would have been rehomed already but the shelter volunteers decided to wait a couple more months to make sure she was 100% healed and ready before joining her new family.

Now that Fairy has found her forever home, she can run and play and cuddle with people anytime she wants.

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Sickly Homeless Dog Falls Sound Asleep After Checking In At Shelter