Sometimes, the simplest things are the most precious gifts. For Ezra, a stray dog who spent most of his life on the streets, that one was a soft and warm bed to sleep. So when he got his very first bed, Ezra’s smile said it all.

Lured By Hot Dogs

It was September last year when Ezra first arrived at Fairfield County Animal Shelter. Back then, the little pup would not look anyone in the eye. He only stayed at the back of his kennel while shaking and gazing at the wall. For him to have a better chance at life the shelter staff members knew that Ezra needed to overcome his fear. So, they came up with a plan – use hot dogs.

The shelter’s rescue coordinator, Samira Yaghi, said that hot dogs were the key to Ezra’s heart. Whenever they walk by Ezra’s kennel, they would always have hot dogs. At first they only tossed the food to him. However, slowly, Ezra started taking the hot dogs gently from the staff’s hand.

The nervous dog became more comfortable around the shelter staff. Ezra started pressing his body against them and allowed them to pet him.

Five months later, Ezra went out for a walk for the very first time. Samira said that since then they noticed that Ezra kept wiggling and bouncing whenever he sees them approaching.

Ezra Now Has His Own Bed

Recently while on his way out for his walk, Ezra spotted the donated dog beds sitting by the entryway. The adorable dog laid down on one of the beds and refused to budge. The shelter staff had to coax him so he would get off the couch. When Ezra returned from the walk he laid down on the bed again.

Because the shelter staff saw how Ezra was so attached to the bed, they decided to put it inside his kennel. Ezra immediately sat on it, smiling from ear to ear. He seemed so proud to finally have a bed.

Soon, Ezra and his precious bed will move to S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast, which will help him find a forever home in New York.

Credit: Samira Yaghi

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Dog Lured By Hot Dogs Now Has His Own Bed