Amidst serious training, one dog loses composure as he catches sight of his idol and who could blame him? You can’t expect someone to stay calm and collected when faced by what he only used to see on TV.

Henry, a Golden Retriever from Nashville Tennessee, trains gruelingly with his owner, Jessica Paulsen. The pet owner suffers from a chronic illness, and she teaches her pup to become a worthy service dog who would help not just her but anyone who is in need.

Service Dog Goes To Disney Park

She admits they are still way far from the finish line; there’s still a lot to work on. But Jessica feels proud of Henry on how far he’s gone in their sessions. She documents their training, and she posts it on their Youtube channel or Instagram account.

Service Dog Goes To Disney Park And Freaks Out When Meeting “Up” Character

One of Henry’s drills includes knowing how to deal with new situations and people so Jessica brings her to different places. They would go on trips.

That time, they visited a Disney park, and that was just the ultimate test to Henry as he meets “Up” character, Dug. He instantly fell uncontrolled despite knowing that her trainer watches him. He lost focus and he launched himself to Dug, jumping out of excitement.

If he could only talk, Henry might have expressed a bunch of compliments that we would give to the ones we idolize. If I’d encounter my idol for real, I wouldn’t even know how much I’d react. I’d probably do more than that.

Who Could Blame Henry?

The moment seemed like a dream to the pup. Well, who could resist Dug?


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But we can agree that Henry’s charm and cuteness would surpass that of any animated character. His reaction was too priceless.

Jessica was overwhelmed by his dog’s response but she wasn’t mad at all when her pup’s attention shifted from training. Instead, it seems she expected it.

Jessica absolutely couldn’t be happier having such an adorable dog around!


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Service Dog Freaks Out