Most kids would ask for a dog as a Christmas gift from their parents. Nate Feola is no different, but he asked for a dog because he needs one who can help him. He is a boy with special needs and his parents know that getting him a service dog for Christmas would be expensive.

A Premature Start To Life

At nine years old, Nate has been diagnosed as having chronic lung disease. Doctors have told him that he will be living with it for whole life so he has to have an oxygen tank with him anywhere and everywhere he goes.

Nate was born prematurely and he was underweight by two pounds. For almost six months he had to stay in the hospital before he could go home for the first time. His parents unfortunately didn’t take care of him well so authorities had to intervene and take the boy away from his birth parents.

It was a good thing that Nate was adopted by a couple who gave him love and everything else he needed. They also did the best that they could to get Nate a service dog.

Lisa Feola is Nate’s adopted mom and she understood that Nate needed a service dog to help him have his freedom. The dog would assist him with the oxygen tank and keep Nate on his feet.

Getting a service dog is not a cheap affair. That is why Nate’s parents created a campaign that would help them raise the necessary funds to get the service dog for Nate. A news station heard about it and talked about it which helped spread the word. Their community chipped in as well.

A Service Dog For Christmas

Source: KOAA 5

By the early December the campaign amassed the $14,000 needed to get the dog. A service dog Christmas was the best Christmas gift that Nate had in his entire life.

The dog is now with Nate and Nate named him Hero.

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Community Helps Boy With Special Needs Get Service Dog In Time For Christmas