Dogs are one of those things you would look forward to every time you’re to come home. They make your entrance the grandest. They would cry of excitement when they see you arrive and that’s just the sweetest thing about having them.

Senior Dog Gives Out Kisses

But this senior dog gives out kisses. But sadly, he doesn’t have a home. The dog is a seven-year-old hound mix under the care of Second Chance Rescue.

And though he has the people in the shelter as his family, he longs to have the one he can call a forever home.

We hope more dogs out there get adopted and find forever home, like Freddie!

The volunteers and rescuers find this pup, Alpine, fun. He may have white hairs you can see but don’t get fooled of that, he is just as energetic as puppies.

He has learned how to walk charmingly on a leash. He is friendly and he formed good relationships with his co-adoptable animals. Alpine loves playing with kids, too, so yes, there’s nothing that should not make you want to adopt Alpine.

He Has The Looks And The Attitude

On Second Chance Rescue’s post, they have again displayed a beautiful pic of Alpine. They stated that for some reason, they wonder why Alpine still hasn’t found a foster home yet when he’s such an excellent dog. They didn’t get it.

Finally on March 16, 2019, Alpine finally had someone who took one step ahead of others. This family did not only long to have Alpine for some time, but they sought to have him forever.

Source at Funky Smile via Youtube

They fell in love with his sweetness! Alpine felt the luckiest, and we could imagine how many kisses he offered in his delight. Volunteers and rescuers were in tears as they sent off their great dog kisser.

Now Alpine has a new name, too, from the famous singer, Freddie Mercury! We hope more dogs out there get adopted and find forever home, like Freddie!

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Dog finds forever home