The world is our home, and we must do everything that we can to take good care of it. We all need to contribute to preserving our planet. The contribution does not need to be monetary; in fact, something as simple as throwing trash in the proper place can already go a long way.

The Neat Freak Senior Boxer

Paris, a nine-year-old Boxer, has been a neat freak since she was young. Whenever Fran Hodges, her mom, takes her out on walks she picks up garbage. She collects cardboard, wood, cans, and bottles that are in her way. According to Hodges, it seems that her dog has caught her obsession for cleaning up and recycling.

The senior boxer has a ritual whenever they reach the end of their walk. She places her latest trophy, aka garbage collected, inside the recycle bin just outside their house. Hodges then gets these items and places them in the right receptacles.

Cleaning Up After The Litterbugs

Unlike most people, Paris is committed to keeping the streets of her neighborhood clean. She cleans up after most residents from Bodmin, Cornwall where she lives, but she doesn’t mind. What’s more important is that garbage is disposed of properly.

She can also identify if an item is recyclable or not. Those that aren’t, are immediately placed in the garbage bin. Those that can be recycled, however, are carried all the way home where the receptacle for recycling is.


Credits to Amazing Animals

Humans are lucky to have dogs like Paris around. This shows that other beings are looking after the Earth as well. The senior Boxer’s efforts to clean should remind all of us to do our part in taking care of the environment. To see Paris’ efforts in keeping the planet clean, watch the video above.

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