Rescue organizations usually have their hands full. Their shelters are commonly packed, and they do tons of tasks each day. They also have the responsibility of finding homes for their rescues. And of course, there are the occasional calls from people informing them of strays that need to be rescued. Sometimes its a simple catch and shelter operation, but sometimes, dogs can get into crazy and dangerous situations.

Rescuers Free Street Dog Stuck In Fence Iron Bars

Dog Stuck In Fence

One street dog in India found himself in quite a pickle when he tried to get into a house. Probably looking for food or shelter, the dog tried to squeeze his body through the iron bars of the house’s fence. The dog was able to squeeze his front body in, but probably because the iron bar was higher than his torso and legs, he couldn’t get the traction and leverage to squeeze in the hind part of his body.

Help is on the way

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization from India, received an urgent call one day informing them of a dog that has been stuck for hours. The dog has been endlessly crying, which could mean that it could be in pain. So rescuers rushed to the area. There, the caller met them and led them to where the dog was.

They saw the dog was in a very uncomfortable position. Its body was hanging from an iron bar of the fence, applying heavy pressure on its belly. So much pressure that the dog defecated on the steps behind it. It was still crying when they got there.

One of the rescuers quickly climbed the gate to get to the front side of the dog. He tried to calm the pooch down first so that they can move him. Another rescuer settled at the dog’s rear side and gently lifted him from behind. They eased off the pressure and sat the same time, squeezed him entirely through the fence.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via Youtube

In just a minute, they were able to release the dog from its hold and took him back to their shelter. There they fed the dog, cleaned him up, and got him medical treatment. The dog was neutered, got his mange treated, and vaccinated.

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Rescuers Free Street Dog stuck in fence