I’ve often wondered how the crew of an animal rescue TV show feels when the star of the show rescues an animal. We can’t ignore the fact that they’re working in close proximity to a beautiful thing that’s happening. I always imagined that if I were part of the TV crew, I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt a particular rescue dog, seeing how adorable and loving they are.

Amanda To The Rescue

Amanda To The Rescue is an Animal Planet series that mainly features dog rescues performed by a known and respected rescuer named Amanda Giese. Amanda runs a rescue organization called Panda Paws Rescue and has been successful in rehabilitation and rehoming countless dogs and other animals to loving forever homes.

Together with her team and the highly popular Animal Planet series, Amanda features heartwarming stories about her work on rescuing dogs and giving them loving forever homes. One adorable story is about one of the crew members falling in love with a cute rescue French Bulldog named Everly.

French Bulldog and puppy

When Amanda rescued Everly, one of the cameramen from Animal Planet, named Patrick, was involved throughout the entire process. Whenever Patrick wasn’t working or on break, he would always spend time with Everly. Amanda saw how Patrick bonded with Everly and thought about how adorable they were together.

Disappointment for Everly

Since featuring Everly on Amanda’s show, Everly received tons of adoption applications and Amanda picked one that had potential. Of course, Patrick was devastated. Patrick thought that he would be able to spend a couple of months with Everly, and Amanda saw how bummed Patrick was with the news.

Although Patrick was sad to see Everly go, he was glad that Everly finally found a forever home. He trusted Amanda that Everly would go to the perfect family. Unfortunately, the family that wanted to adopt Everly decided that it wasn’t the right time for them to adopt a dog.

Adopted French Bulldog

Finally, Rescued French Bulldog Adopted

Patrick jumped at the chance and decided to adopt Everly. The challenge was that Patrick already owned a Chihuahua named Theo, who wasn’t fond of other dogs. Thankfully, Amanda was there to help with the transition process. Amanda was able to teach Patrick how to get Theo to accept Everly.

It was a rough start, but Amanda knew what to do. Amanda was able to introduce Theo to Everly. After a few minutes of introducing Theo to Amanda, Theo accepted Everly and the two dogs started playing. Of course, Patrick breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Theo playing with Amanda. Here’s an amazing video showing Everly’s adoption.

Video Source Animal Planet via YouTube

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Cameraman from Amanda To The Rescue Adopts French Bulldog From The Show