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“Doggy Name”



Shih Tzu





Tell Us About Your Pooch

“My friends would describe me as”

My friends describe me as a layback kind of guy that loves to be with his family.

“The most influential person in my life has been…”

The most influential person in my life has been my dad. He is a good man that takes good care of me and the family. He has a good heart and loves his family. He cares and he does anything to make sure his family is happy.

“Five things I couldn’t live without”

I could not live without my family, my treats, car rides, snuggles with my family, and my blanket.

Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is going on car rides and going for walks.

Favorite Toy

I don’t have a favorite toy.

Favorite Treat

My favorite treat is anything peanut butter, Beggin’ Dog Treats, and Marrobone Dog Treats, Beef Flavor.

Favorite Meal

Cesar Pet Food and pork chops

Favorite Place to Travel

My favorite place to travel is going to the lake.

Bucket List

  • Being with my family
  • Lots of car rides
  • Able to watch my kids become adults
  • Hanging out with dad

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