A grandmother reached out to Northeast Animal Rescue. She said that her grandson heard a puppy crying in an old apartment building. Quickly, Fiona and Will responded to the call.

Puppy Left Behind

The rescuers managed to locate the grandma’s house. They spoke to her and her grandson, but the child could not pinpoint the exact location of the said building. All he knew was it wasn’t far from their home.

rescuer looking for dog

Fiona and Will thanked the family and left. Despite not having precise information, they proceeded to do the mission. They knew they were the only hope the puppy had left.

The rescue team searched every apartment building nearby. They also asked around, checking to see if any of the neighbors could point them in the right direction. Fortunately, they spoke to two people who gave them helpful information.

The older man said there are dogs abandoned in the apartment building where he lives. However, he didn’t know anything about the puppy the rescuers are looking for. Instead, he pointed them to the next building, not too far from where they were.

Puppy Left Behind in Apartment Building

As Fiona and Will walked toward their next stop, a woman passed by. They asked if she knows anything about an abandoned puppy. And she confirmed she heard a puppy barking in the building behind her.

The rescue partners entered the building and searched every floor and room. Moments later they saw a male pup, probably about six months old. He was too weak at that time so he didn’t make any sound.

Judging by the look of the place, the rescuers believed the owner of the home just recently left. But there were no signs that he was coming back. And so, they decided to take the puppy with them.

Coco Needs A New Forever Home

Coco was rescued after being abandoned

Fiona carried the puppy in her arms and named him Coco. The adorable pup snuggled to his rescuer tightly. He knew it was the beginning of a better life for him.

Today, Coco is bigger and healthier. His new found friends helped him feel happier, too. And he’s ready to find his new home.

Credits to Northeast Animal Rescue

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Abandoned in old building, dog needs new home