The swift might win the race, but the unpredictable ones usually win the hearts of the crowd. This is especially true in competitions involving our adorable furry friends. Watching these cute, energetic, and talented dogs is pure bliss.

Crowd Pleasers

Such wholesome entertainment is overflowing at the Agility Competition in both the Crufts and Westminster annual dog shows. Viewers can’t help but be amazed at the spectacular display of awesomeness from the four-legged contestants. However, the best part comes from the unexpected and impulsive behavior of these dog athletes.

Who could forget Mia in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2017? The beagle’s distracting antics, including her famous stop for licking herself, made everyone laugh and cheer for her. She obviously did not win, but her delightfully entertaining run was definitely the crowd’s favorite.

Pup Joins A Competition And Runs At His Own Leisurely Pace

Another crowd-pleaser is Kratu and his nonchalant attitude during the 2018 Cruft’s dog show. He stole hearts while happily performing at the agility competition without any care for the prescribed pattern. What’s even funnier is his comeback in the 2019 Cruft’s competition, and we could say that he is refreshingly consistent. His occasional runs to the sidelines and his apparent love for the tunnel again made him an instant hit to the viewers.

Pup Joins A Competition

However, this year’s superstar at the Westminster show was a tiny, playful pup performing at the agility course. Winky, a white, fluffy Bichon Frise, made all the right moves but did so while taking his own sweet time. He must have forgotten that speed is necessary for winning, or his tiny feet can only run at a certain pace, but watching him prance just like he is simply out for a walk is so amusing.

Winky Has The Moves

What made the audience love him more is his unexpected stops at the peak of the triangle ramps, just like he is about to pose for a winning shot. He must have been distracted by the crowd, but the spectators couldn’t stop themselves from cheering him on. Winky’s performance is all about fun, and the crowd adores him for that.


Credits to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

All contestants at the Cruft’s and Westminster are champions in their own rights, and their handlers expect the possibility of these furry athletes under-performing at the competition proper. Watching Winky perform happily and without any care reminds us to enjoy life once in a while and stop obsessing too much. Winning is great, but having fun also matters.

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Pup Runs At Leisurely Pace During Competition