A pug was left in a crate in an alley. The weather alone would have killed the little guy. He was left under the heat of the sun with no food and water.

Pug Left In An Alley

Whoever left him was heartless. No animal deserves to be out in the heat like that. Thankfully, someone saw the little pug out in the alley and helped the poor dog.

The kind woman knew that she needed to step up and save the dog. She brought the dog home, where she provided the dog with food and water. The dog showed no signs of weakness as he played in the woman’s backyard.

Pug Left In An Alley Was Saved By A Concerned Woman

The woman then called a rescue organization to get the dog. A staff of Hope For Paws named JoAnn went to the kind woman’s house early the next day.

JoAnn was happy to see that the dog was running around in the backyard. The dog is oblivious to the fact that he has been abandoned. That kind of innocence is heartbreaking.

Pug Gains Trust

JoAnn gave the dog treats to gain his trust. She needed to do this before bringing him to the car. Once she gained his confidence, she carried him to the vehicle. She then drove to the hospital to get the pug checked.

JoAnn named the pug Po’Boy. Po’Boy was given a warm bath at the hospital, and he enjoyed every second of it.

Hope For Paws via YouTube

Two weeks after his rescue, Po’Boy is happily staying with a foster family. He loves his foster parents and his siblings too. Po’Boy is enjoying every minute with his foster family. Spending time with them is something that Po’Boy looks forward to every day. Po’Boy would never have met them and have this much fun if not for the kind woman who saved him. She truly was Po’Boy’s angel. Now, Po’Boy gets a chance at a better future.

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Pug Saved By A Concerned Woman