Whether you’re just planning to welcome puppies home or you’ve already found one, it’s important to prepare for his needs.

Getting a new puppy is like having a newborn at home. You need to purchase toys, dog food, water bowl, and most importantly, a comfortable bed.

Finding a Reliable Veterinarian

Your new puppy’s health is one of the priorities you should consider in the long run. Therefore, finding the best vet in your local area is important.

Before anything else, your new pup needs to be checked up first along with necessary vaccines and medications.

Creating a Puppy-Friendly Space

Puppies are truly adorable creatures to have in your home. However, they can also cause you a headache and trouble at the same time.

The best way to avoid problems with your new pup is to make sure your home is puppy-proof.

Start by eliminating unnecessary items in your area, like fragile displays, appliances, and small stuff that your puppy might chew on.

Also, it’s important to clear away electrical cords, shoes, gadgets, and other small objects that are within your pup’s reach.

Educate Yourself About Puppies

Another important consideration to make before getting a new pooch is to research and understand their needs and behaviors.

Learn why they are curious, how they should be treated in their first month, and what food to feed them to ensure proper nutrition.

Expectations When You Welcome Puppies Home

Proper Way To Welcome Home Puppies

First of all, expect that your new little canine will cry and become uneasy in his new environment. He will surely whine whenever you’re not around.

Well, you can make the adjustment period a little bit comfy with some toys and treats.

Do not scold your pup if he chews on your shoes and other items. Chewing is a normal behavior for puppies. What you should do is keep your things out of his reach in order to avoid chaos in your home.

Some chewing alternatives you can give your dog, include Kong toys, rubber ducky, and mini balls.

As part of teething, nipping and biting are normal for puppies. If your little pooch accidentally bites playmates or guests at home, make sure to call him out and say no. Also, offer him chewing alternatives to prevent nipping.

Provide an on-going house training until your puppy understands the dos and don’ts of the house.

It’s perfectly normal to experience a few accidents while potty training your pooch. Part of being a puppy owner is the willingness to mop poop and urine. If you’re not ready, then maybe owning a puppy isn’t for you.

Welcoming home our new furry friends can be an exciting journey ahead. Enough preparation and knowledge on how to care for puppies can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Aside from dog toys and puppy food, make sure you understand your responsibilities as a new puppy parent.

Be patient when training your pup and be more understanding if he becomes a little bit messy. After all, this little creature will be your long-term loyal companion at home.

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Bringing a new puppy home