The existence of dog parks provides a lot of benefits for owners and dogs alike. For owners, it’s a great place to unwind while their dog plays. For dogs, it is a playground with many chances to meet other dogs.

It is truly a sanctuary for dogs since it may be the only time where they get to roam around freely. It’s also a place you can train and play with your dog if you are always busy.

But like any other place, it has its own rules. It is irresponsible for owners to just let their dogs do anything they want without regard to etiquette at the dog park.

Correct Etiquette At The Dog Park

1. Train your dog to be obedient

Basic commands such as sit, come, and stay are the fundamentals every owner needs to teach their canine friends.

Not only will this yield convenience, but this is also useful for just about anything that can happen. So, before going to the park, make sure that your dog knows and follows your commands in order to ensure a peaceful play time.

2. Your dog, your responsibility

Often owners have the notion that they don’t have any responsibility to clean their dog’s poop since the park is a public place. This is contrary to common sense, as you do not have to be told to clean your dog’s poop since you are the owner of the dog. It is the responsibility of the owner to clean up after your dog.

Sadly, not all owners realize this basic etiquette. If left uncleaned, poop can smell bad immediately and can contain parasites or pathogens that can make other dogs or people sick.

If you use the park without bearing responsibility for your dog’s actions then you do not truly care for the park.

Proper Etiquette At The Dog Park

3. Be alert always

When you release a restrained dog, his tendency is to become excited as this is an opportunity to do what they want.

So, your responsibility as a guardian is to always supervise your dog to ensure that he doesn’t get into fights or leave your sight. Because one moment you are looking at your phone, the next your dog is gone.

Owners know their dog very well, especially those that are very active. But sometimes even the quiet dogs get into fights so it is best to be alert always.

4. Make sure your dog is vaccinated

Rabies can spread like a wildfire if left unchecked, so before going to the park make sure your dog is current on his vaccines, but this is not only the required vaccine as they may be others required depending on the state you live in.

Make sure also your dog is also protected against parasites such as lice, ticks and fleas.

5. Don’t try to stop dog fights carelessly

Getting in between dogs fighting will result in you getting bitten if you’re not careful. So be sure that you know what you’re doing before butting in dogfights. If the fight gets wilder, ask for help.

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Dog Park Etiquette