Name any extravagant venue, and Martin Agee surely has already performed in it as a professional violinist. However, nothing beats the fulfillment it brings him when he plays classical music at his local animal shelter.

Songs For Shelter Dogs

“My first time playing in the shelter was the most memorable,” said Martin. “These dogs were abused and traumatized, and they come here to recover.”

Professional Violinist Plays Therapeutic Classical Songs For Shelter Dogs

“Sometimes, I just can’t hold back my tears. They’re just too pure. I’m glad that my music gets to be part of their recovery process,” the violinist added.

The thirty-year-old musician decided to volunteer after his best bud named Melody, a Greyhound, passed away. After a local ASPCA staff told him about a storytelling program for abused dogs, Martin willingly offered his professional service for free to play for these dogs and provide a musical therapy for them.

“I actually joked about playing violin for these dogs, but I didn’t expect for it to become a reality. And I don’t regret any of it,” Martin mentioned.

Classical Music Therapy For Dogs

When the shelter knew about Martin’s offer, they immediately grabbed the opportunity and didn’t waste any time. They all believe that classical music is an effective therapy that helps calm down anxious dogs, which is also proven by science.

“Our main goal is to treat animals who were victims of abuse and neglect,” Kris Lindsay, director of ASPCA, mentioned. “As a result, they end up in bad shape, and some of them even develop chronic medical issues,” he added.

“We’re working on healing them inside and out. We do not only treat these dogs’ physical conditions but their mental state as well. And classical music is helping them greatly,” Kris proudly said.

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Martin, on the other hand, would always look forward to his performances at the shelter. “To be honest, it has also become therapeutic for me, too,” he said. “Not only do I enjoy seeing dogs relax while I play, but it has also become an escape from the pressure of performing in theaters,” he added.

Watching these dogs have fun is a sight everyone would want to see! Watch these pups as they enjoy Martin’s music in the above video!

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Violinist plays therapeutic classical songs for shelter dogs