It’s every jet-setting dog parents’ dream to bring their furry friend into their travels. Although airlines have sometimes strict protocols regarding this, they do allow bringing dogs in for a flight.

Depending on the breed, they allow most small dogs and occasionally large ones on board. Therapy dogs, however, are allowed regardless of their breed.

Aside from finding the right pet carrier for your dog to be comfortable in the long hours of flight, dog parents often face a bigger worry – the possibility of their dog unleashing a poop disaster on board or even after.

We all know the feeling of being jet-lagged or having motion sickness during take-off or turbulence – they’re the worst.

You can only imagine how dogs feel in these cases. The difference is that in dogs these often cause stress, especially in their digestive system. So even after you have gotten over your jet lag, your dog will still be suffering from the aftermath.

Preventing Poop Disaster When Travelling With Your Dog

Preventing Poop Disaster When Travelling With Your Dog

Travel-related stress and the dog’s digestive system

Stress in dogs will typically affect their digestive system, often causing IBS or Irritable Bowel Movement. This is characterized by the presence of blood or mucus in the dog’s diarrhea. This also weakens their immune system making them more prone to other infections or complications affecting the digestive system.

Probiotics and how they help in stress diarrhea

In recent years probiotics have been stealing the spotlight as one of the wonder cures for many of our dog problems. New studies suggest that probiotics are also effective for dogs.

Probiotics are basically just bacteria – and before you panic, NO they are not the bacteria that cause diseases. They are the good bacteria.

You see, bacteria are always present in our bodies as well as in dogs. There are good ones and bad ones. What causes problems is when there is an imbalance between them and the bad ones start to proliferate and invade the good ones.

Studies show strong evidence that giving your dog probiotics may have a number of benefits on them, especially to their gut. This is very important since 70% of all the immune cells of dogs can be found in the gut. This is why taking extra care of their digestive system can give a lot of benefits.

Probiotics can improve GI tract abnormalities, curb obesity, liver disease, and reduce mood and behavior disorders. It can also give your dog a better looking skin and coat, fresher smelling breath, reduced gas and allergies, and regulating their bowel function.

Another study suggests that dogs given probiotics prior to kennel relocation have a significantly lower incidence of stress diarrhea than those who didn’t.

Choosing the best Probiotics for your dog

There is a rising number of probiotics brands available on the market today so choosing the right one for your dog can be tricky.

For starters, you might want to try Project Paws® Pronine-Flora. It contains a balanced formula of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and other ingredients that work together to improve your dog’s gut health.

However, no matter how promising and positive the benefits of probiotics might seem, it is still very important to consult your vet before administering one to your dog.

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Avert Poop Disasters When Travelling With Dogs