According to the people that saw what happened, this dog had collapsed inside a factory after getting hit by a car and he had never been able to get up ever since. The people that worked at the factory tried to feed him and give him water but with his ability to keep his body in place gone, ingesting food was going to be a chore if not down-right impossible, without help. Despite the extremely inconvenient predicament, however, the dog still greeted his rescuers with a wagging tail and his body language showed that he welcomed the touch when one of the team members tried to pet him.

Dog Hit by Car Starts Rehab to Walk Again

Fortunately, he had no other injuries which meant he and his caregivers could focus on rehabilitating his body so that he could start walking again. After arriving at the shelter, he was given two weeks of bed rest as preparation, during which he was hand-fed and assisted with everything he had to do, like going potty. When it was finally time to start his therapy, he was only too happy to let his carers do their work without interruption — he patiently laid on his stomach and simply enjoyed the gentle hands massaging his legs

He also had sessions at the shelter’s swimming pool, where one of his carers looked after him as he used his legs to swim in the water wearing a safety vest to ensure that he wouldn’t suddenly disappear. After several weeks of therapy he finally took his first wobbly steps. He would often fall and it would seem like they were back to square one — except, he was a fighter.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube

His caregivers were committed to seeing him through the whole process and he was every bit as determined to regain his ability to stand, walk, and run.

Now, when his friends at the shelter call for him, he dashes.

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Dog hit by car - watch rehab