Dogs love everything that has the element of fun. No matter what activity our canine pals need to do, they willingly join to add some spice into their day.

Thus, one water-loving pooch decides to take a swim in its personal inflatable pool. However, the dog can’t seem to choose between diving into the cold water or performing an incredible balancing act on the pool’s ledge.

Yay! It’s the pool!

In this hilarious video, a black-furred dog named Thor eagerly leans on an inflatable pool. It seems the pooch wants to take a swim for the day as it soon energetically stands on its hind legs to leap.

Will this dog for a swim

As if Thor couldn’t hold his excitement any longer, he lets out a shrill squeal before fully jumping on the pool ledge. However, unlike most pooches that immediately make the connecting jump towards the water, Thor stays on the ridge instead.

While Thor continues to mull whether or not to keep swimming in its pool, he inevitably let some water escape from the inflatable object. The pooch decides to take a breather and jumps towards the grass.

Pooch Teeters On Pool Ledge

After taking a few seconds to clear things up, Thor decides to attempt another try at diving. Just like earlier, the pooch uses its sturdy hind legs to jump towards the pool ledge.

But, once the dog made it on the ledge, Thor once again hesitates to dive into the water entirely. The pooch teeters as he slowly makes his way towards the opposite direction.

Dog wants a swim

While doing this, the confused pooch shrieks as if he’s trying to ask for help from Mom. And, just like earlier, Thor lets more water escape from the pool.

How do you think this video ended? Did Thor finally decide to carry on with its swimming spree? It’s best to watch the full video linked below for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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Pooch teeters on pool ledge