Police officers are hard-working and well-respected public servants. The public’s safety and their call of duty is always the priority for them. During an early morning patrol, one cop encountered a very unusual case. 

Police officer Hammell, a Deputy with the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office in California, came across a lost pup while on duty. He was on a lookout for a strange vehicle at that time when the dog happened to find him.

Police Officer Finds Dog Inside His Car

Ruger, a black Labrador found his way to the comforts of Hammell’s patrol car. Since the car’s engine was kept running, the dog found refuge in its warm comfort. He was able to go inside because the passenger’s door was left open.

Police officer finds dog inside his car

When Hammell returned to his car after investigating the area, he was surprised to find that his car has been made as a sanctuary by a stray pup. He checked out the information on the dog’s collar and found out that the dog’s name was Ruger. Written there as well was the name of his owner.

Dog Reunited With Owners After Ride In Cop Car

When he checked the pup’s owner’s address with the dispatchers, he discovered that the pup was away from his home. The pup who came inside his car without permission was lost after all. Due to his sense of duty, he decided to bring Ruger back home.

Having a helpless dog wander in the chilly, winter morning was not an option for him. And besides, it looks like the dog knew that he was someone who can help him. While on their way home, the police’s new-found mate fell asleep on the passenger’s seat.

The dog’s family was relieved when officer Hammell arrived with the dog. They have been searching for him all night because the dog did not come back after strolling their neighborhood at night. It was such a stroke of luck that Ruger came across an officer.

A message of gratefulness from Ruger’s owner was also posted on the Facebook page of Tuolumne County Sheriff.

Thanks to Tuolumne County Sheriff on Facebook for sharing this story.

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Officer finds dog in his car then takes it home