Dogs that end up euthanized in shelters are either sick dogs, senior dogs, or Pit Bulls. This breed has always had a bad reputation, that some states even ban Pit Bulls from entering their cities.

Pit Bull Loyalty

If only given a chance, these dogs are actually very loyal and loving. They are also great around children since these pups are also very playful and protective.

Pit Bull Saves Young Boy

Ember is living proof of a Pit Bull with an awesome personality. However, she used to have a sad life before she was found by Adore-A-Bull rescue, an organization based in Ohio that focuses on saving Pit Bulls.

The pup was rescued alone from the streets and then was adopted by the Daniels family. The family used to have a beloved Pit Bull named Derby, who sadly passed away.

Ember was very grateful for her new family. The pup returned the favor by helping save Tre’s life.

Tre is a ten-year-old boy who is currently Ember’s best friend. They would play and sleep together. The pup usually sits at the end of Tre’s bed and watches him sleep. They were inseparable.

Pit Bull Saves Young Boy

One night, as the whole family was sleeping, Tracy, Tre’s mom, heard Ember suddenly growl. “She was growling for a while. She doesn’t usually do that, especially in the middle of the night, so I thought something must be up,” Tracy mentioned.

Tre’s mom got out of bed and thought that maybe the pup needed to go outside. “It was weird, but I still got up because I didn’t want to upset Ember. As soon as I walked down the hallway to let her out, she went straight to the bathroom instead,” Tracy added.

“That’s where I saw Tre. He was having a full seizure in the bathtub. We immediately rushed him to the hospital,” the worried mom said.

Fortunately, Tre’s test results came back normal. He could have suffered from severe brain damage if he wasn’t brought to the hospital right away. The young boy is now back at home, playing with his best bud who just saved his life.

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Ever since then, Ember never left Tre’s side. She would always follow the boy around, making sure that he’s perfectly fine. Way to go, Ember!

The family couldn’t thank Ember enough for saving Tre’s life. They were also thankful for Adore-A-Bull rescue for giving Ember another chance in life. Check out Ember and Tre’s remarkable bond in the video above!

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Rescued Pit Bull Saves Young Boy From Severe Brain Damage