Dogs can be extremely hilarious little pets, sometimes you may think that their actual humans and feeling the same complex emotions as us.

Dogs have been our best friends for thousands of years, and during these years, dogs may have adopted some of the emotions that we elicit in our daily lives. This made us love our dogs more, it’s as if they can fully understand us and so we tend to talk to our dogs for comfort.

What Would Dogs Say?

If dogs were able to speak like us humans, we would have very meaningful conversations about different things. Or maybe just a few talks about their next snacks, or walks out the park every morning.

There were a lot of inventors that tried to make sense of what dogs are trying to say with their barks. They tried to translate the noises these dogs produce into our very own language so that we can more easily understand what these dogs have been wanting ato tell us for all these years.

New Pet Kitten Reaction

This video is about a dog owner that tried to solve these kinds of problems. His pet owner said to him that he had adopted a new pet kitten. Upon hearing this, the dog suddenly began to jump all around the house and started to make different kinds of noises.

The pet owner tried to translate what his dog was trying to say in a very funny manner. He made a very entertaining voice-over of his dog when this was happening.

This video had gone viral on different social media platforms. The owner eagerly teases his dog just a bit by telling him the different animals that he is seeing. After that, the new pet cat meows, and we see the dog change his expression as if he already knows that he now has a sister in the family.

Watch the full video, it is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Source: Talking Animals via Youtube

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Owner Tells Dog He Adopted A Kitten